1. For each of the following items i-x choose the correct answer from the given alternative

and write its letter beside the item number.

(i) The East Africa TV channel is conducting an interview at Alaska 750W at 7.30 pm

Tuesday. At what time and day will the people in Katavi 450E be watching the TV?

A 9.30 p.m Tuesday B 3.30 p.m Wednesday C 11.30 p.m Wednesday

 D 12.30 p.m Tuesday E 9.30 am Wednesday15

(ii) It occur when the earth passes between the moon and the sun;-

A Solar eclipse B Earth eclipse C Lunar eclipse

 D Eclipse of the Earth E Umbra eclipse

(iii) Is the raised part of the ocean floor?

A Mountain B Isenberg C Oceanic ridge

D Oceanic trenches E Deep see plain

(iv) The temperature at Dodoma from mean sea level is 310

c what will be the

temperature of Karatu 2500 meter above sea level.

A 160C B 150C C 460C

D 360C E 30.40C

(v) An earthquake begins

A Along the Fault or fissure B At the inner core of the earth

C At the epicenter D At the focus

E At the Mantle layer

(vi) The rock formed from the remain of once living organism

A Coral B Marble C Gneiss

D Granite E Humus

(vii) Among of the following are the characteristics of the Tropical climate EXCEPT

A It is found at altitude of 30


0 N and S

B It compose of two season, dry season and Rain season

C It compose of Tropical forest

D It is found along the western Morgan of the continental

E It compose of season swamps

(viii) The lithosphere of the earth is made up of;-

A Molten materials called magma B Silica and Magnesium

C Iron and nickel (nife) D Iron and zinc

E Silica and Alumina

(ix) It involve chemical reaction when water react with mineral content on rock

A Weathering chemical B Biological weathering

C Chemical weathering D Physical biological weathering

E Physical chemical reaction

(x) Which of the following is correct about the concept of folding

A Formed when two block act against each other on the old sedimentary rock

B Formed when two block act apart from each on the old sedimentary rock

C Formed when two crust act against each other on the young sedimentary rock

D Formed when two crust act against each other on the young igneous rock

E It compose of block that are exposed on the earth surface16

  1. Match a phrase in list A with the responses in list B by writing the letter of the correct

responses beside the item number


  1. The soil
  2. Soil PH

iii. Soil Texture

  1. Soil organic
  2. Soil profile


  1. The thin layer of the earth know as regolith
  2. The top most part of the earth made up with

consolidated materials

  1. Soil catena
  2. Is the vertical arrangement of individual

particles of soil

  1. is the amount of Alkaline and acidic in the soil

measured by PH value scale

  1. When the acidic is high than Alkaline
  2. Derived from the decomposition of plant and

animal dead materials

  1. Compose of Inorganic and Organic matter only
  2. It depend on the size of the individual particles

of soil

  1. The vertical and Horizontal arrangement of soil
  2. (a) With the aid of well labeled diagram explain the formation of the features
  3. Barchans
  4. Cliff

iii. Cave

  1. Bay land

(b) Explain three necessary conditions for the formation of Barchans



  1. Study careful the hypothetical data which show the export of goods in Tanzania from

2010 to 2013 in “000”tones

CROPS 2010 2011 2012 2013

COTTON 65 45 70 80

SISAL 35 40 30 35

COFEE 50 70 55 55

  1. a) Name statistical way used to present the data above
  2. b) Present the data above by using a compound bar graph
  3. c) Comment on the export values.17
  4. (a) (i) What is hypothesis in research

 (ii) Explain two types of hypothesis in research

(b) Define the following terms

 (i) Sample

 (ii) Sampling error

(c) Explain three ways to avoid sampling error.

  1. (a) Define the following terms as used in survey
  2. Ranging
  3. Chaining

iii. Booking

(b) Why the follower direct the leader left, right and center during survey process (3points)


  1. Study careful the printed Map extract of Songwe River (Sheet 244/3) then answer the

following questions;-

  1. a) Calculate the area covered by Ruanda Town in km2 by using grid square method.
  2. b) Measure the bearing and direction of Muyovinzi to Myavisi station
  3. c) Name three ways’ used to show relief on the map
  4. d) Explain three factors for population distribution on the Map
  5. e) Describe the nature of the vegetation shown on the map.
  6. f) Name two (02) natural and two (02) artificial content shown on the map.
  7. ( a). How a person can determine the desert climatic area on the picture.(four points)

 (b) Differentiate aerial oblique from ground oblique photos.

 (c) Identify then name type of photograph which:

  1. Does not show horizon
  2. Taken at slant angle

iii. Taken at angle less than 90 degree

  1. Only show front view
  2. Has less scale distortion
  3. Taken from the air and show top and sides view


  1. Explain six (6) strategies which empowered by Tanzania government in solving problem

of Transport and communication sector.

  1. “Although Tanzania has many water bodies resources but does not develop in fishing

industry” Justify this statement by using six (6) points18


  1. (a) What is biodiversity ?

(b) Explain four (4) causes for the loss of biodiversity and propose four (4) measure

to solve the problem.

  1. Examine six (6) factors which leads to the decreasing of mortality rate in Tanzania.
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